The Asteroid No.4 - The Asteroid No.4 (2013)

Tantric Rave.

The albums opens with a swaying hammock rhythm ideal for a perfect summer drive through a long highway. With its folksy roots and charming vocals, ‘The River’ takes you to simpler, happier times. The Asteroid No. 4’s self-titled album is a gem of a find; written along the lines of BJM and KGATLW’s fondness for eastern lore and mystical instruments, this album will be a cure for those who crave some of that sweet Satanic Majesties or ‘Float Along’ juice.

‘Rukma Vimana’ is a fiery jet Vimana (airplane) in itself, for if you don’t tighten those buckles you’re bound to be thrown off. Midway through this blazing torpedo of a track, comes a world-crushing build so poignant and powerful, leading to a picture perfect mosh pit anthem, evoking the beast from within to unleash total chaos.

‘The Windmill of the Autumn Sky’ is a delicious ode to the joyful days of youth, filled with such wonder and life; till you reach a shamanic summoning, a quest to find 'Mount Meru'. Through a hypnotic lullaby, we are told the story of Mt. Meru, the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes, the sacred five-peaked mountain of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cosmology.

‘Back of Your Mind’, a blistering Krautrock fuelled track, will put us straight on the Asteroid’s collision course. After what felt like a double date with a tornado tsunami, the band takes us to laidback drumbeats and sleazy vocals on ‘Ropeless Free Climber’. With flowing and groovy sitar set to surprise guitar solos, this ethereal track feels like a free fall into a waterfall.  

Before we rip into the blazing, fiery power of ‘Revolution Prevail’, we are treated to a short ‘Ode to Cosmos’, full of lush instrumentation, working with the mysticism of the east and the many fables it provides. The closing track of this spiritually enlightening album, ‘Yuba’, is a paradise composed of layered guitar, sitar, cellos and harps; a track to look back at everything we leave behind, as our souls get lifted up towards the dying light.

Genre: Eastern Psych, Space Rock

Favourite Tracks: Ropeless Free Climber, Windmill of the Autumn Sky


Check out the video for the blistering Revolution Prevail and
The heart-wrenching video for Windmill of the Autumn Sky.

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