Pavel Iakovlev - All The Songs For You (2018)

Wistful longing.

This Sao Paulo based Russian artist’s debut effort is an EP titled ‘All the Songs For You’, which proves itself to be a generous gift to a loved one, right from the intriguing rhythms of the title (opening) track through the gentle waves and the steady, heartfelt lyrics spread across the album. The artist brings us into his soulful territory of memories filled with love, on ‘Another Name’. Pavel writes melancholic melodies with a familiar warmth of Jeff Buckley, wrapped over the delicate ambiance of Old Sea Brigade.

‘Could it be the start for us’, he sings on ‘Lay Me Down’, a track which lays out the artist’s eloquent song-writing techniques, and a melodic bassline ever so pure and innocent. He shuffles to a sunny day at the beach on the funky and surf-y ‘On The Edge’, with guitar solos longing to be explored further. A standout track in the album, it reminds you that one instrument and one creative mind is all that stands between you and a good time. The closing track on this album brings out the one element which I longed for through the past fifteen minutes of the EP, when Pavel brings out his Cajon, giving us the steady and sweet ‘Pink Feather’.

All The Songs For You, is a collection of unfeigned love songs, layered with throbs of intimacy and musical themes that desire to be expanded on; forming a pensive meditation on the transcendent possibilities of human connection.

Favorite Track – On The Edge

Genre – Indie folk, Bedroom Pop


The artist has put up the whole album as a playlist here.

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