Outsiders – Anastasia (2018)

Strange lights in the desert.

With its sleek aura and carefully crafted ease, Anastasia will grow on you; creating a soundscape of escapist melodies when they cover familiar grounds through a new set of eyes. ‘Black Lovers’ prides itself in its powerful rhythms and a steady vocal support from frontman Alejandro Marin. Panama-based glam punk rockers ‘Outsiders’, lull us with a beautiful ode on ‘Letters to Solene’; employing the charming guitar of The War on Drugs over doleful lyrics. You might want to have a deep conversation with yourself after this one.  On what starts out as a reggae-centric poem, ‘Mistakes’ slowly develops itself over with its faithful solos and sensual melodies.

On ‘Little Kid’, the band dives and explores the unique bond they share, with the chorus lines ‘I Need You Guys Right Here’ tugging on you so hard, you’ll end up calling your old bud over for a pint or two. This feeling is drawn out over ‘Don’t Text Me at 10 AM’, purely capturing our generation’s anguish; with the musical urgency of Nothing But Thieves splashed over early Sex Pistols, and catchy hooks designed to keep you dancing and thrashing till 1 AM.

Imagine my surprise when these guys change direction, giving us the deeply enticing ‘Sucker for Love’; with its alluring charisma reflecting across seductive solos played with grace. And just when you thought you had a grip over their musical style, the band drifts towards an aggressive party anthem on ‘Party Lover’, not short of its own set of catchy hooks complete with a deadly close.

For its last track, the band presents a subversive reflection on modern society and life, through its post punk track ‘And We Go Home’, presenting ourselves with a lovable upgrade on all the songs we sang and filled our hearts in the early ‘00s. Filled with highly addictive riffs, they close the album by reaching sky high with the most joyous of spirits.

Genre: Post punk, Indie rock

Favourite Tracks: Letters to Solene, Sucker for Love

Highly recommend you watch the trippy video for Sucker for Love.
You can listen to some of the songs through Sonic Alien’s YouTube playlist here.

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