A Beacon School – Cola (2018)

Lush Dreamscapes

As Algernon starts spinning its hooks made of pure joy, it feels like the deepest parts of your soul are being tugged to evoke every kind of emotion possible. Shoegazy rhythms through steady drum machines dotted with glazy vocals remind you of early Slowdive albums.

Evoking pain, pleasure and sadness through swaying guitars and hypnotic synths, the standout track It’s Late got me interested in life once again. Crafting an atmosphere where the best parts of Fakear are interspersed with shades of Wild Nothing, this track is everything you could ask for. The album, a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith, lulls you into existence without interference, ever so ambient in the shimmering haze of Hum. These calculated bursts of electric waves crash into you throughout the 25 minutes, leaving every bit of you wanting some more.

The painful clarity of everything is laid out bare in Ash, deeply resonating with the alien’s search for life in this vast void of nothingness. Intimacy runs deep through the length of this track, peaking and crashing; giant waves against colossal rocks. As the tide goes down, this short but memorable glide through the cosmos will stay in your memory for a long time.

Favorite Track: It's Late

Genre: Shoegaze, Dream pop


I implore you to check out 'It's Late' set to the visuals from Submarine, a movie I'd totally recommend.

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Keep on exploring, fellow alien!


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