The F16s - WKND FRNDS (2019)

When I first heard the news about The F16s putting out an EP, thoughts rushed to the very first memories I had listening to ‘Moonchild’, in the cosy comforts of a rain drenched western-ghats evening. This Chennai based electro-pop band known for their eclectic live shows, with an EP (check Kaleidoscope) and one full length album under their belt, treat us to delectable tunes wrapped in fuzzy layers of haze. Constantly evolving their music and reaching spaces not ventured by many, the band drowns you in dance-floor symphonies made of melancholic vocal passages and melodic daze of synths. 

‘My Baby’s Beak’ makes you want to cuddle up with your closest, wasting those cold winter mornings away in sheer bliss. The guitars swing and sway so effortlessly, moving onto a neon tinged starry night from an 80’s noir classic, on ‘Boudoir’. This perfect unison of lo-fi with electro-pop crafts a unique soundscape particular only to The F16s. This leads you to the first single ‘Amber’, a neo-psychedelic departure into a world where Kevin Parker’s the DJ and Hot Flash Heat Wave is the opening act. The album closes with a more synth-heavy and dreamy title track ‘WKND FRNDS’, closest in ties to the band’s previous outing ‘Triggerpunkte’. With a solo to die for, and the sweet effervescence of horns spread all across the album. this 13 minute flicker of joy bids us goodbye, leaving us desperate and wanting more.

Genre: Electro-pop, Neo-psych, Alternative Rock


For the brilliantly animated surreal video for ‘Amber’, click here.

Visual imagery lost amidst shades of nostalgia, ‘My Baby’s Beak’ click here.

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