Sky Rabbit - Sky Rabbit (2012)

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It was like a spark of joy that lit up inside of me, as soon as ‘Anti Coke Ganpati’ started playing. Tunes that play hide and seek with you, calling upon the lost child you once were; Sky Rabbit is the debut EP brought to us by four rockers from Mumbai. Quiet disdain is sewn deep in their lyrics, but the sweetness of each jingle-jangle poppy goodness makes you forget where it’s coming from. 'March' starts off with a showcase of Raxit’s vocal prowess laid effortlessly on seamless electronic mumblecore; one can feel the Jonathan Bree dance/delirium dripping off of the band on this well-crafted track.

Sweet melodies tread lightly through the core of this album, most evident on 'Sweet Smile Diving'. A purple sunset and a long winding road would be the perfect backdrop for this track which exudes sheer elegance. Swimmer may disorient you with its Ok Computer-ish dreamscapes, drawing the best part of the human brain through an eerie chapter of dread and glory. With tinges of Slowdive draped over the edges, this track could be the kind of jewel you never thought you’ll find. The band loves its share of poetry, with ‘I Become I’, they grow more philosophical in their love, in the belief of the uniqueness of self; becoming a pop mantra in itself.

Try’ goes Middle Eastern Discotheques in the 70s, lost in its twangy disco pop fire, complete with harmonium filled dance rhythms. ‘Clone’ is a hallway of wired emotions crisscrossing each other, trapping you in a world where you’re a prisoner of your thoughts and feelings. By the end of its brilliant cosmic finish, you’ll be glad to know you’ve been zapped back to earth. Only to reach the ‘Hilltop’, where Sky Rabbit has saved the most luscious part of the trip for you gracing us with Steely, jazzy rhythms of wonderlust and a bounty of lost treasure. Oil’ is drenched in groovy basslines, its power pop becomes a fitting close to this diamond-in-the-rough album, a rare find from the ever-amazing subcontinent!

Genre: Electro Pop, Post Punk

Favorite Tracks: Anti Coke Ganpati, Clone, Swimmer

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The first time I heard Anti-Coke Ganpati, I was smitten. I hope you guys like it too!

Chilled out trip to the mystical country on Hilltop.

Some of the band members went off to start Your Chin. Check them out while you’re at it. 

Audio track for Oil.

Keep on exploring, Fellow Alien!


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