Black Market Karma – The Sixth Time Around (2015)

Journey on.

To write about a band that’s truly special to the alien, to put into words the pure joy each falling decibel of Black Market Karma showers me with, is truly an honour. ‘We Are Not Worthy’.

Their 6th exploration of aural ecstasy, titled ‘Sixth Time Around’ is nothing short of a dreamer’s paradise. Putting out all their LPs and EPs out for the world to just bask in (at their website), these musical masterminds craft endless melodies to wash over us and all the pain away with it. Though there are seven other wonderful records to leave your blissed out bodies in, (if you love psychedelic raga rock, Semper Fi is to die for), this is to be one for the ages.

‘The First Time Around’ is an introduction to the sonic wonderland BMK has in store for you ahead in this wild glory pill of an album. ‘Timed Response’ spills over to the listener, swallowing and drifting through sonic space in melodic hallways. ‘The Second Time Around’ is a transcendental journey to the netherworld before ‘Jokerjam’ becomes your best friend who runs with you through sunny pastures where life grows and everything seems okay again. Tracks like these is where the melodic power psych of BMK comes out to play, resulting in a pack of hypnotised listeners under the musicians’ spell. Human beings love patterns, and these guys excel at creating exciting rhythmic mazes for the mind to get lost in; but their beauty lies in guiding us where we want to go.

'When The Sound Comes Slow’ arrives in the form of a drone, a trip through the broken desert of man’s dreams, as he stares at the parched future he left ahead. A touch of melancholy is predominant through the six minutes, and the end solo destroys everything in its path with its release of pure anguish. When you realise you have barely scratched the surface of this epic feature length masterpiece, the band smiles back at you. Yes, this is what you came for.

‘The Third Time Around’ is an already familiar anthem, but this time wrapped in kaleidoscopic sitar, it was as if Ravi Shankar dropped acid in a Spacemen 3 concert. Heavy ideas run through the sheer force of guitar destruction on ‘Shakey Greetings’; the extremely groovy 'Mule Kick’ with its tearing synths and laidback horns, all leading to ‘The Fourth Time Around’¸ which has become an acoustic ode to the album itself.

‘Wherever You’d Like’ is safe haven, a warm family and basket of joyful memories. Pleasing bells ring through carefully made passages, as we move on to ‘At Either End (The Twin)’, a departure to a world held in secret, till heavy basslines drop in to create an atmosphere drenched in power. And thus, the 5th iteration of our album’s epic riff comes to us, ‘The Fifth Time Around’, this time in the form of a krautrock infused, glitch flavoured psych rave. Helping you pick apples nestled in the clouds, is ‘Always Everywhere’, mesmerizing you with its flawless flute work and daunting keystrokes.

Your brain is now washed in warm fuzz, ‘The Noise In Your Head’, slowly shutting out the ugly demons in your mind. As its syncopated tabla dies down, we are granted access to ‘The Sixth Time Around’; built up over the course of the past one hour and finally culminating in an epic 8 minute closer, full of plush instrumentation and emotionally rich melodies. When the album fades out, it takes away a part of your soul for safekeeping.

Genre - Melodic Psych, Fuzz, Psych Rock

Favorite Tracks - the world they create with the 6 vivid styles, and Always Everywhere.

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Show some love and support for the band. You can find their entire discography here.

The whole album for your listening pleasure here.

The video for The Fifth Time Around.


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